Hua Kang Best Qi Gong Tui-NaWhat is "Chinese Qi Gong Tui Na"?

Hua Kang Best Qi Gong Tui-Na

Chinese Qi Gong Tui Na originated in ancient China almost 2500 years ago. It is a type of Chinese bodywork therapy also known as "Tui Na". Using the flow of his or her body energy. The practitioner transmits this energy know as "Qi Gong".

The starting point is Tui Na (Tui-Stroking. Na-lifting) or Chinese medical massage, which is learned by Chinese doctors as another tool to use alongside acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It is a form of massage with a repertoire of different strokes that are worked on a patient. These strokes include Rou (circular kneading with palm or fingers), An (pressing), Muo (circular rubbing), Qian Yin (traction techniques), or Gong Fa (rolling technique), as well as others and they are worked in combination as appropriate. The intention is to move the Qi out to the extremities in order to clear, nourish and rebalance the center of teh body.

The Chinese Qi Gong Tui Na uses the hands and body parts (arm, elbow, and fist). Pressure is directed to special areas and points, the Meridian and Acupuncture points.

If the following symptoms bother you, you will even benefit more from Chinese Qi Gong Tui Na.

•  Back & Neck Pain •  Headaches
•  Overuse Injuries •  Sports Injuries
•  Stress Disorder •  Low Energy
•  Insomnia •  Poor Digestion
•  Muscle Pains  

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